3/8″ AR 500 STEEL TARGET 12″X20″ STAB IN



Product Description

3/8″ THICK

12″x20″ PLATE

The 12”x20” Stab In target is designed to take up minimal space and keep overall costs low by eliminating the stand.  The target requires fairly soft soil to work. Ranges that have hard packed surfaces may require the use of a gong style target and stand.  Typically the berms at a range will be soft enough to use, they tend to get aerated by the constant bullets digging  into the dirt.

The target is simple and very robust. You simply let it drop into the dirt then give it a little extra push.  If using a hammer be sure and protect the target with a block of wood.

Being that the target is one piece and stabbed into the ground the sound generated will be much less than a gong or static style target.  Do not expect to hear a loud ring when hit.  The target will make more of a “thud” sound than a ring when hit.  If you need a loud report to call shots the gong and statics may be a better option.

Rated for 308 at 100 yards or handgun at 10 yards.

When setting up and shooting the target make sure the target is vertical or leaning slightly towards the shooter.  If the target is leaning back you run the risk of skipping a bullet over the berm.  This can be very dangerous so be sure and check the angle of the target


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