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Simple concealed carry preferences you should consider

This month, The Gun Parlor is happy to have Carlos Mojica from contribute as a Guest Blogger on the Official The Gun Parlor Blog! Carlos is an avid enthusiast from Michigan and we are thrilled to have him as a contributor to our Blog.

OWB Paddle Kydex vs. IWB Leather

Simple concealed carry preferences you should consider

When I decided to invest in my family and personal protection, I chose a firearm to use as a tool of defense.  I wanted to have a tool that would aid in disabling a threat quickly with the most amount of force available.  

That is why I chose to carry a gun with the intentions of carrying it concealed.   But the question I contemplated was how should I carry? How do I make it comfortable enough for my every day carry?

Due to my office environment, I wear a suit every day.  Even if I wasn’t in my office attire, I needed a comfortable carry position that gave me access to draw efficiently.

Here are some concealed carry preferences I considered.  Hopefully my insight helps you in your future decisions.

IWB leather holsters

1st consideration – holster type

From my experience, Inside the Waist Band (IWB) offers the best concealment.  Due to my daily required attire, I opted for an IWB holster.  This style positions the holster within the pant waist band.

Your shirt, sweater or jacket offers concealment easily.  So in my case the holster is concealed by my suit jacket instead of my dress shirt (I tuck in my shirt to keep it classy).

I do have Outside the Waist Band (OWB) holsters as well.  They tend not to conceal as well as IWB.  In my opinion, the holster profile and concealment apparel choice dictates the end result.  Often though, “printing”, the profile of your gun underneath clothes, is the result.   Printing is not what you want when you are using concealment as the advantage of surprise.

OWB Kydex vs. IWB Leather

2nd consideration – concealment carry positioning

I sit at a desk a lot (more than I want to) with the occasional stroll mixed throughout the day.  I chose the 3 o’clock position.  This holster/gun placement doesn’t impede while I’m in the sitting position.

I also prefer this position because I feel my most natural drawing motion is at the 3 o’clock.  I have tried different positions like 5 o’clock and appendix carry and have always gravitated to 3.

To me 5 o’clock is a lot of motion to get to the gun.  Some say Appendix is the most efficient position.  I personally don’t use it because of the majority of sitting I do.

Positioning is clearly a personal preference.  I do recommend training and practicing your draw from your concealed carry position.   I strongly believe in muscle memory especially under stress.  I like to keep things simple and efficient.
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