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The Gun Parlor is proud to support Hickok45

If you spend anytime on youtube researching firearms, you surely know of Hickok45’s channel. With a home range in Tennessee that is the envy to virtually all, and his thorough reviews

Target the great Hickok45 used sent us from the RIA 9mm 1911 shoot

of a variety of firearms, one can understand why he has nearly 1.2 million subscribers to his Youtube Channel.

Everyone in the shop are huge fans of Hickok’s work and often will tell people check his video on a particular gun they may be interested to get the perspective from someone that h

as a significant amount of experience with firearms.

We wanted to take an opportunity to show some support to Hickok45 to thank him for all the does for the firearms community. I reached out to him via Youtube messaging service a little over a month ago asking him if there was anything he had been itching to review but hadn’t been able to find yet. He promptly wrote back thanking me for the support and said he was interested in the getting his hands on a Rock Island Armory 1911. Justin made a few calls to told me that we could have a Tactical within the next two days. We sent Hickok45 a care package in appreciation of his passion and support of the community.

On June 18th we were thrilled to see the RIA 1911 review go live on his channel. The Rock Island Armory 9mm 1911 is an excellent economy 1911 and watch the video below to see Hickok45 do his thing.

Don’t be too hard on him in the comments when he mispronounces Worcester… lol