• Incoming Transfers – $40.00

The price of the transfer will include receiving the firearm at our location, completing State and Federal forms, calling in NICS background check, reviewing necessary disclosures and recording the transaction per BATF rules and regulations

MA Compliant – Please be sure to contact us to confirm the transferred item is MA compliant and conforms to all Massachusetts laws and regulations.

Shipping – Include your full name, address, telephone number so we can notify you when your item arrives.

• Outgoing Transfers – $40.00

Packaging of a firearm for shipment ranges from $10-$20 per item depending on the size and weight. If you choose to package your own item, there will be no charge to package. All packages must be open when brought to transfer to verify serial numbers and other required information.

Shipping – Based on the size, weight, insured value and and location being transferred to.

UPS Next Day Air for handguns.

UPS Ground for rifles.

• Transfer to individual – $20.00

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